A.C.L. Construction L.T.D.

Meet our Executive Team

John McPherson


John brings over 25 years’ worth of experience in the construction industry to the team with a heavy background in road and lease construction and maintenance. He was intimately involved in the tendering and subsequent startup of the MCW contract for the Site C dam in his previous position as Construction Director with PRHP. After leaving PRHP JV he continued working on BC Hydro projects within Site C with Petrowest. John has been involved with other major project which included the Dawson Creek Processing Facility for Spectra Energy and the civil earthworks and underground works for the Fort St. John Hospital and Residential Care Facility for Northern Health. John is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) and has great experience in tendering projects with great knowledge of the laws and regulations of the various government bodies. John is a major asset to the future growth of A.C.L

Thomas Hall


Thomas grew up working in the Oil & Gas industry alongside his father which gave him a vast knowledge of the industry, including road & lease construction in and around NEBC. Thomas brings over 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry and has built on this experience as the Co-Owner of D. Hall and Associates and then Petrowest Construction BC. Thomas has been involved in many projects throughout the NE, including the Site C project in Fort St. John. Thomas was appointed the task of overseeing all BC operations for Petrowest prior to his departure and was an integral part of the senior management of the operation. Thomas has a substantial knowledge and background in the maintenance of Oil & Gas well sites and road maintenance. Thomas has also been actively involved in the management of sandstone and gravel pits, in the Peace River area. 

Marko Pajor

Operations superintendant

Marko grew up in the Peace River area and brings a huge base of knowledge within his work contacts, relationships and expertise in the Oil & Gas industry. He was involved in the day-to-day operations at Petrowest for over 10 years. Marko has a further background and expertise in both mechanics and heavy duty mechanics which is a huge benefit to the company. He has worked in this industry for 20 years and for many of those years he has been working closely with John and Thomas. Marko brings a strong contribution to A.C.L in the leadership, safety, dispatch and mechanical departments which is a huge asset.

Janis Meirans

Project Manager/Estimator

Janis brings over 10 years of experience to the company. His Bachelor of Construction Management degree matched with his strong organizational skills is a huge asset to ACL. His great attention to detail has made him a very strong leader and collaborator when it comes to pricing out projects and project management within our company. Throughout his career he has led teams in various types of civil construction projects, concrete, earthworks and deep underground pipe installations. We are very lucky to have Janis on our team!


To become a company that everyone can be proud of, one that our clients lean on for assistance and honesty.

“Without good people nothing happens.”

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