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Erosion and Sediment Control


Karbon-X Industrial GHG Offsetting and A.C.L. Construction Ltd. are proud to announce that all CO2 emissions have been offset from all ACL company owned equipment and vehicles in a multi year agreement with Karbon-X. This strategic agreement shows the aggressive, and bold path that ACL has chosen.

Thomas Hall, President of ACL comments “We felt that it was time to enter the voluntary offset market to set us apart from our competition. Not only will this support clean energy project development, it will make sure we are doing our part in reducing the GHG footprint of our company for future generations to be able to partake in the outdoors as we have. It has always been our ambition to look ahead and do our part. It is time!”

Chad Clovis, Chief Executive Officer of Karbon-X “We are excited that ACL has proven to be a leader in their industry by committing to reducing their carbon footprint. With ACL’s dedication to Carbon Neutrality they help fund and support green energy initiatives worldwide. We look forward to assisting ACL meet their GHG emissions goals for a greener tomorrow.”

How We Work

A.C.L. was founded in 1997 in Fort St. John, holding a strong commitment to our clients, community and families.

The company started with only one excavator working in the Oil & Gas Industry and has since expanded to include a full fleet of heavy equipment.

The Highway, Civil, and Oilfield projects that we strive for are complex, requiring strong knowledge, experience with diversity in many technical fields. Environmental and geographical conditions must be assessed with all available utilities, manpower, equipment and materials needed. We are well sourced, organized and execute work in the safest and most cost effective way while always considering schedule.

We use only the best construction materials, techniques and practices which are sourced from our different divisions/companies. Our goal is to provide outstanding service for a realistic price for our clients, while providing a strong future for our employees.

No matter the difficulty of the project, we are up for the challenge!

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